Editor’s Desk: May 26, 2016

Sharing a sermon with another preacher is like sharing a cup of hospitality with a colleague in the trenches – even if you never meet face to face you can inspire one another to be stronger preachers, more passionate disciplers, and more effective servant leaders in the Kingdom of God.


Preacher’s Magazine is built on the sharing of resources, experience, and sermons. What you find in these pages are the cups of hospitalities offered by others on the journey to sharpen their tools and fulfill God’s call to preach.


We invite you to share a cup of hospitality with pastors across the globe. Share your sermons or articles on preaching from your context. Teach us from your best examples developed for your particular context. How do you connect the Word to the people God places before you? How do you break the Word of God for the people of God? How do you break the Word of God to bring healing, hope, and transformation to the lost, broken, and unreached in your community? Share that with us, so that we can learn from you and gain new tools or sharpen old ones to become preachers who faithfully honor God’s call.

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