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Preacher’s Magazine has been a staple of the Nazarene pastor’s ministerial tools since 1926. Generations of leaders, pastors, and clergy spouses have contributed to and gathered materials from this longstanding instrument for the clergy person’s personal development.

Several years ago, Preacher’s Magazine transitioned from a print publication to an online resource. Not only is it more cost effective to produce an online magazine, it is also easier to distribute globally, and allows the opportunity for real time interaction and contribution between international readers. For pastors who have limited Internet access, or simply prefer a hard copy – a downloadable version will be available.

Now, we are taking the next step in globalizing Preacher’s Magazine as a resource that will serve and connect pastors across regions, cultures, and languages. Future issues will include sermons, articles, resources, and podcasts with an increasing variety of languages. We’ll work to translate between languages as we are able to … but, even if you can’t read everything, you can be encouraged to know that the Preacher’s Magazine you have come to love and trust is now available to pastors around the world in a way it has never been before – for some pastors, this may be one of very few resources they have access to on a regular basis.

Preacher’s Magazine now provides a variety of resources pertaining to preaching, worship, theology, and more–all gathered by clergy leaders and by clergy currently serving in local assignments everywhere. With this broader span, Preacher’s Magazine will be able to connect pastors globally, encouraging dialogue and collaboration specifically for strengthening skills in the art of preaching.

Preacher’s Magazine, while published by the Church of the Nazarene, is intentionally nonsectarian. We exist as a resource to serve the whole community of Wesleyan-Holiness preachers. As such, we invite all pastors in the broader tradition to engage this process through dialogue and contribution. We encourage you to think creatively about your work as preacher and share your ideas with a global community of preachers. You’ll find the guidelines for submitting your own material here. (click on link).

Please feel free to send resources you’ve found helpful to PMEditor@nazarene.org.

Rev. Tammy Condon, PhD – Executive Editor

Associate Editors

Rev. Annette Fraser
Dr. Daryll Stanton
Rev. Wilson Wineman

WE continue to seek associate editors to help gather and edit materials in a variety of languages. If you are interested in serving as an editor with a passion for developing writers and preachers, contact your Regional Education Coordinator or PMEditor@nazarene.org

Thank you for your patience as we work toward a better system of translating the entire site to serve the many global languages of the church. For now, consider all translations to be auto translations – or computer generated translations, except where we have provided the document in another language as a part of the issue.