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Putting together a worship service can sometimes flow easily, and then other times, it can be more difficult. There are no set rules – other than the most important one of letting the Spirit lead. When I am sitting down to put a service together, I first start with prayer asking for God’s help and guidance, then I look at the scripture the Pastor will be using. It is best to know the direction the pastor is taking with the sermon because I may look at the scripture and see something entirely different. I also use my concordance to look up other scriptures that are related which can be used in the service as well.

In our worship services, I like to keep songs in the same keys or related keys because I do not like to stop between songs. It helps if you can have your music worship flow from one song to another. Sometimes we will have a scripture or responsive reading that may begin the worship or be somewhere in the middle. This can work well if you need to have a key change that needs time to develop or if you are changing tempos drastically.

I like to start our services with a faster tempo, with mixed styles, and then bring it down to our prayer time.

So for this sermon: “Travel the Holiness Highway,” my service might look like this:

Welcome & Opening Prayer

How Great is Our God Key C
Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King Key D
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty Key D
(Sing to the Lord #2)

Tithes & Offerings

Scripture: Psalm 111:1-4 (congregation)
Grace Flows Down Key D
Refiner’s Fire Key Eb

Pastoral or Corporate Prayer

Choir: Let Your Glory Fall (from “Will You Worship?”)

Pastor’s Sermon
Isaiah 35:1-10 –“Travel the Holiness Highway,”

Response: (at the end of the message)

Lord, I Give You My Heart Key G



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Susan E. Blankenship, Minister of Music
Summerville Church of the Nazarene

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