The Cleansing of the Temple

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by Tracey Day
Pastor, Penycae Church of the Nazarene, Penycae, Wales, United Kingdom

Text: John 2

What is God like?

How do you know?

In this passage we realise that people weren’t expecting the Messiah to look like Jesus.

BUT  what Jesus was doing was very clear to those who were watching.  It wasn’t so much that people didn’t understand what Jesus was doing as , maybe , they didn’t want to understand.

The Temple can be seen as the place where heaven and earth met.

Time: Passover – Exodus – deliverance – God would take control

Tension – what was expected – what is happening.– Declaring the year of the Lord’s favour – Jubilee

Jesus in his actions is saying – Jubilee is here. Temple is here. I am now where heaven and earth meet.

The King (God) isn’t coming to live in a building and restore a physical kingdom to Israel.

The King has come through Jesus and his actions and the King rules and the kingdom comes when god’s will is done and in this story the kingdom is coming through Jesus

Who else but God or the King could put a stop to the sacrificial system – thus declaring – there is now a new way to approach the King and be part of the kingdom?

So, now – look at your neighbour….look at yourself and your life in the mirror….what is God like?

We are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are now where heaven and earth meets. We are now those who bring God’s kingship into action – bring the kingdom

We are the ones who show what God is like by revealing our own King. By revealing the way WE are being transformed into Christ’s likeness we reveal who God is and what he is like.

So, if you don’t know what God is like by looking at each other and by looking at yourself – what are we going to do about it?

That is what Lent is about.

This is our journey toward the cross.

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