The Power of Story

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ray-neuAs living, breathing, human beings, we exist in a world of great variety, of differences in communicative styles, yet one factor is common in most cultures, with most people – we love to hear stories. The ‘story’ is a driving factor is so much of what we do everyday. There is a story behind why she was running late for work and why he cut you off in traffic. There is a story behind why she wore that outfit on this particular day. There is a story behind why that child sits alone during recess. There is a story behind the one light that remains on in the library long after others have been turned off.

Stories contain information. Information we need in order to understand. Without this information, or backstory, we regularly make assumptions, and even choices – whether right or wrong – based upon our own perspective, or lack of a proper perspective. Story, each person’s story, has the power to change the understanding of another person.

That incredible power is released only when the story is shared. An unshared story is only raw potential. Zero energy is transmitted when the story is not shared. Ever expanding energy and power can be the result of a story shared, in the right moment, in the right way, for the right reasons.

This could not be more evident than in the sharing of Bible stories. The mere telling of a Bible story has the capacity to create change. Yet, the Bible story that is well-told and followed with open ended questions generates enough power to create transformation. It is a fascinating process to watch. It is a thrilling process to lead. Even more, it is an empowering process to participate in.

That factor alone, makes the sharing of Bible stories, when delivered in this manner – a tool with exponential power. Stories are being told around the world at this very moment. However, the incredible impact of Bible stories being shared to people from all walks of life, all cultures, all races and religions is truly transformative!

This again illustrates the commonality of storytelling in every culture, in every walk of life, and the amazing power of story. People readily gather around a well-told story with eagerness. They participate heartily, identify willingly, eagerly making personal connection points throughout the story. These, then, become the same connection points that the Holy Spirit uses to redesign their lives.

The power of story is in being:
– easy to remember
– easy to retain
– easy to retell
and potentially able to radically rearrange a person’s life. No wonder Jesus was such a great storyteller!

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